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Find if the phone number 02031291533 has been reported by our users, do not stand not knowing who calls you and who owns the phone number 02031291533. Have you received a call from this number and do not know who is? Information about the phone 02031291533, 0203-1291533, (0203) 1291533, (0)-203-129-1533

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02031291533 belongs to Unknown      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Sean MacIntyre 6 years ago
Fake TPS caller demanding money to extend the registraion.
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02031291533 belongs to Scam Call      Type of call: Fake id
Report by Sean 6 years ago
Scammer, purported to be from the Telephone Preference Blocking service and wanted bank details to renew my sign-up
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02031291533 belongs to Inbred idiot.      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by GOD 6 years ago
More thieving terrorists trying to rip people off.
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Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Anonym 6 years ago
I am fed up with this number ringing. How can I stop it. I\'ve told them I am registered with TPS but they just ring again and again.
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02031291533 belongs to tps???      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by cracker666 6 years ago
I told him I was police, recording his call and noted his number. he quickly hung up
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02031291533 belongs to I dont know      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Steve 6 years ago
The same as all the others, calls wanting card details proclaiming to be part of TPS
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Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Jane Graham 6 years ago
Someone called from this number saying they were part of TPS and needed my bank details to update their records. I refused to give these details and hung up. I was deeply concerned as they knew my personal details.
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02031291533 belongs to TPS clone      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Darren 6 years ago
Claims to be part of the TPS or in their words the Telephone Caller Blocker service. Asked me if I was still getting any nuisance calls He knew my name and address and had information on where I banked and the company I use for the telephone. He then mentions that my credit card will be expiring soon and that they need to update their records etc. When I told him I was cancelling the phone he hung up immediately.
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02031291533 belongs to Indian scammers      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by J James 6 years ago
I was phoned this afternoon and this evening from this number. The caller was a women and then a man asking for my bank card number. As others above, Indians ascent people from BT\'s nuisance/blocked calls dept. They new my details and that my old card had expired. They asked for the new cards expiry date and the long card number. When I said that I would not give him the card details ( by the way they new it started with 4) he started almost shouting down the phone saying that he \"was not asking for my password or any other personal information. My husband over heard my conversation and told me to put the phone down and google the number which proved this was a scam.
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Type of call: Harassment call
Report by Samuel 6 years ago
i got this call today. asked for my bank card number. I told him i was protected from giving these details out to people who call me. He insisted he was asking for my identification number that started with 4. my bank card has no such number. he forced me to write this number down 02031291533. this is called phishing. when i person or group fraudulently obtain phone company test numbers and call businesses and homeowners to see how far they can involve themselves. the numbers cant be traced and they probably forced me to write down this number for a different purpose of their own gain. phishing is a very serious crime and heavily frowned upon by authorities it can result in very unfair and long sentences, mainly because of the length the individuals will go to to defraud the money they intend to steal. they can be prosecuted for a multitude of offenses rather than just one and courts tend to take this approach when prosecuting an attempt to defraud using this technique. the phone crime of phishing alone carries a long sentence phone companies will always prosecute to the fullest extent of the law in a case of phone fraud this depend on the scale of the crime and is considered a separate offense. attempting to defraud a business or member of the public is considered as a separate offense also. To gain money through deception is also prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law due to its damaging and deceitful nature which can involve a lengthy and over the top processes to finalize any personal gain which usually results in very little monetary gain. As is the nature of this offense these types of criminals are full time and are constantly shaking companies and the public for cash. the sheer volume of offenses needed to actually gain a significant amount of money is staggering and each individual and business targeted must be considered both from an emotional damage point of view as well as any monetary loss suffered. when going through the list of offenses which are usually numerous and many in detail it becomes apparent just how much trouble this person or persons are. to sum up it is a crime taken very seriously and prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows if the crimes are committed abroad to is also quite likely common the individuals will be deported to the country that has the strictest outlook on phishing and all that it entails. There is no law protecting criminals who operate outside of their own criminal justice system and the most suitable punishment is considered the best punishment in this case. Usually the one with the longest sentence and incentive to to not re offend. incentive to not re offend involves complying with authorities on how they committed the crime in detail and quite often working with the police to help catch criminals like themselves, and this is quite often included into parole and many of these offenders stay on the parole list for a very extensive length of time just so they do not re offend and can be watched, essentially, for the rest of their lives. i wrote this so the people committing this crime have an insight into just how serious the crime is taken and that when you do get caught which you will do, you will be under the authorities watchful eye for the rest of your life After having served a long and apparently unfair amount of time in one of our glorious correctional facilities
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