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01326 (1 comments)   Report by bob hellier 3 days ago
belongs to so called amazon      Type of call: Possible scam
i was phoned just now by 013226 16699 saying tank you for renewing amazon prime for 79.99 and asking for my mother
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07522806204 (1 comments)   Report by Anonym 4 days ago
Type of call: Unspecified
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01613544137 (1 comments)   Report by Megan 6 days ago
belongs to I donít know      Type of call: Harassment call
Beware scam alert 🚨
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07851687916 (1 comments)   Report by Nicola 7 days ago
belongs to Shar      Type of call: Unspecified
Harassment nuisance calls
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02083496468 (1 comments)   Report by Anonym 13 days ago
Type of call: Unspecified
telesales. called twice in 2 days
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07917397327 (1 comments)   Report by Perry fellcgetti 16 days ago
belongs to Kellie      Type of call: Possible scam
Random number requesting I send pictures!!
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02039714741 (1 comments)   Report by Mandy 17 days ago
belongs to Scammers      Type of call: Possible scam
They claim to be Virgin Media technical and state that you have an issue with your broadband and they will help you download better security. I called Virgin Media, it was not them that called. They told me that these people just want to gain access to your computer to hack your information.
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03450554585 (1 comments)   Report by Knight 19 days ago
belongs to Donít know      Type of call: Possible scam
Call received pretending to be Barclays Bank
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02039897888 (1 comments)   Report by Jackie 1 month ago
Type of call: Possible scam
The person on the other end said something then hung up
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02036020717 (1 comments)   Report by Joan Brack 1 month ago
belongs to Don't know      Type of call: Agressive Advertising
Asked them to stop on numerous occasions still ringin

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