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02036211317 (4 comments)   Report by Anonym 16 hours ago
Type of call: Possible scam
My mother, (an Alzheimer’s sufferer), was the victim of multiple calls which when answered were silent or just terminated. The following day she was contacted from this number selling a service to “block nuisance calls.” Regrettably in her confused manner she divulged her Bank sort code and account number. I contacted this number today and spoke with a lady, possibly of Indian nationality, and told her exactly what I thought of her company and the service and the steps that I would take if they debited my mother’s account for any amount
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01908915207 (1 comments)   Report by Mar 17 hours ago
Type of call: Unspecified
I don't know who is it?M
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02036211317 (4 comments)   Report by Sarah Jenkins 22 hours ago
belongs to Telephone Preference      Type of call: Fake id
'Daniel' (with an Indian accent) called saying he was from the Telephone Preference marketing dept and my call blocking subscription had expired. When I asked (and pushed) he gave this number and his office address as 70, Margaret St., West London W1W 8SS. Fake! I ended the call.
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01266500823 (1 comments)   Report by Mike Coles 2 days ago
belongs to ????      Type of call: Possible scam
hangs up ..when I answer ..every day
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01295032392 (1 comments)   Report by JStevens. 2 days ago
Type of call: Possible scam
call picked up by elderly person to whom was requested if they were the phone account holder - the receiver was replaced immediately
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02032908242 (1 comments)   Report by Anonym 2 days ago
Type of call: Possible scam
Someone wanted me to install TeamViewer and give up control of my computer to them.
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03331368765 (1 comments)   Report by Dave 3 days ago
belongs to No idea      Type of call: Unspecified
Pest call
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02032872228 (7 comments)   Report by Isobel 3 days ago
Type of call: Possible scam
Called mid afternoon on a Sunday - hung up on answer Called again mid afternoon on a Tuesday - left no message.
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08453403703 (3 comments)   Report by Auto 3 days ago
belongs to Chaser Communications Telecoms      Type of call: Agressive Advertising
Chasing the owner of the telecoms provider for the company openly admitted they flout the TPS rules
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07099407477 (1 comments)   Report by renault 3 days ago
belongs to kumar or magid      Type of call: Possible scam
this caller says phone line is very bad can we call it back its a scam and call back its a tremendously high phone call charge rate also 07099407428 name of magid

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