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06177250014 (1 comments)   Report by Sandra 2 days ago
Type of call: Harassment call
Recorded message threatening my internet would be cut off
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01469923582 (1 comments)   Report by Pruthvi Trivedi 3 days ago
Type of call: Possible scam
Claiming I have been involved in an accident. When I really have not!
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07594645608 (1 comments)   Report by Michele Browne 3 days ago
Type of call: Possible scam
2 calls this morning from this number saying my internet will be disconnected because of illegal activity!
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01157351030 (1 comments)   Report by Anonym 3 days ago
Type of call: Unspecified
silent call
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+103457404404 (1 comments)   Report by Molly 4 days ago
Type of call: Possible scam
Called claiming they were from HSBC and reporting suspicious advice on my current account - when I told them they didn\'t have one I said they were from First Direct. When I challenged they hung up.
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07301885052 (1 comments)   Report by Josh Rampley 4 days ago
Type of call: Possible scam
Car accident scammer
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07921672866 (1 comments)   Report by cjc 4 days ago
belongs to dont know      Type of call: Possible scam
Claiming that a transaction of 600 has been sent from my debit card. This is an automated message yet say they are fraud investigators. This is a total scam, do not trust.
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01429638372 (1 comments)   Report by Francis 4 days ago
belongs to Amazon      Type of call: Fake id
From Amazon apparently, renewing a subscription I don't have!
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01963171364 (1 comments)   Report by Mr.C 5 days ago
belongs to Some bogus organisation      Type of call: Unspecified
Car accident scam
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07310639465 (2 comments)   Report by Lauren Lassy 6 days ago
belongs to Scammer      Type of call: Fake id
Scammer pretending to be Three (3) the phone company

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