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01287840997 (1 comments)   Report by Robin 2 days ago
belongs to ?      Type of call: Missed Call
Hung up / silent call , typical call centre time wasters. Grrrr
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2095 (1 comments)   Report by Anonym 3 days ago
Type of call: Possible scam
Automated calls saying BT are about to disconnect phone and internet. Press 1 for details or 2 to complete the disconnection. Called 12:12. 13:00 and again at 15:15. 02095395034
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01934806871 (2 comments)   Report by E H 3 days ago
belongs to Parklands Wealth      Type of call: Trustworthy number
Financial Advisory Service offering a review on my insurance policy. Really helpful and knowledgeable.
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02036955547 (1 comments)   Report by Anonym 4 days ago
Type of call: Unspecified
keeps calling just said hi its then my name right? i hung up as sounds like some sales people?
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01187 (2 comments)   Report by ian macdonald 6 days ago
Type of call: Unspecified
rang numerous times left no message
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03333200521 (5 comments)   Report by Anonym 6 days ago
Type of call: Agressive Advertising
Really aggressive and annoying energy consultants. They called asking for all my company directors about 5 times today. I have blocked them . I tried explaining this does not apply to me and there is no change in occupancy. They do not listen, they are pests and I would never use them even if they were legitimate
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01412663255 (1 comments)   Report by Kashif 6 days ago
belongs to Who’s call me?      Type of call: Unspecified
I try to call back but no one answers
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02037524662 (2 comments)   Report by Anonym 9 days ago
Type of call: Unspecified
Yes, this is Trip Adviser/ Holiday Lettings. Basically, I booked a villa which the owner let me down on. My deposit was taken in took seven days to be refunded which I was not amused by. The holiday lettings company try to get you to book something else with them. I can verify that this is an agent from holiday lettings.
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02038085095 (1 comments)   Report by Louise 9 days ago
belongs to Euromillions      Type of call: Sweepstakes / lottery
I was called to say I had won a ten line syndicate for the Euromillions when I entered a competition to win Sainsbury's vouchers but I had to give bank details. when I asked for proof to be sent to me so I could look into it they wound up the call.
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0843227377 (1 comments)   Report by Tony Wright 11 days ago
belongs to They claimed to be OPUS energy      Type of call: Possible scam
This is a scam line. Saying they were our electricity supplier. I put them on hold for ages listening to youtube sound effects (fart noises) they eventually hung up and then rang back to swear at me but I couldn't stop laughing and they were asking if I understood what they were saying as they swore and got angrier which was just getting funnier. They listened to the sound effects for just under 5 minutes

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