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+447485434297 (1 comments)   Report by dav 21 hours ago
belongs to unknown      Type of call: Possible scam
impersonating post office with unpaid postage fee shows link
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0752832973 (1 comments)   Report by T 23 hours ago
belongs to Chinese spammers      Type of call: Fake id
Bitcoin scam
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07485790566 (1 comments)   Report by Anonym 2 days ago
Type of call: Possible scam
Definitely a scam; pretended to be the ‘postoffice’ claiming a package has ‘a unpaid redeliver fee’ and sent a link.
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01482354604 (1 comments)   Report by J Hunter 5 days ago
belongs to Someone in Hull      Type of call: Possible scam
The caller says she is from Barclaycard security and then lists a number of transactions. Call was terminated. THIS IS NOT BARCLAYCARD SECURITY.
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07534490050 (1 comments)   Report by Bob 7 days ago
Type of call: Unspecified
Santander scam
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07329802415 (1 comments)   Report by Anonym 7 days ago
Type of call: Possible scam
Amazon scammer - pretending suspicious activity on card. Hangs up when you get put through to a pretend amazon customer service worker
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07990515305 (1 comments)   Report by H Rutherford 7 days ago
belongs to HMRC      Type of call: Possible scam
Call regarding suspension of my National Insurance Number due to fraudulent activities. Press one to speak to an officer right away. Clearly scam
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03330067350 (367 comments)   Report by The informant 7 days ago
belongs to ROB STURGESS IGLOO DIRECT      Type of call: Unspecified
UPDATE, ROB STURGESS HAS CHANGED THE NAME OF SERVICE MONKEY TO IGLOO DIRECT LTD BASED IN BRIGHTON , continuing to scam the elderly as per the latest trustpilot review for service monkey 0800 005 1203
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07534308794 (1 comments)   Report by T 8 days ago
belongs to ? Recorded message      Type of call: Possible scam
National insurance fraud suspending account.
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01252657623 (1 comments)   Report by CJ 10 days ago
belongs to Indian Scammers      Type of call: Unspecified
Indian scammer "your internet line will be disconnected due to illegal activities"

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