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Find if the phone number 03330062254 has been reported by our users, do not stand not knowing who calls you and who owns the phone number 03330062254. Have you received a call from this number and do not know who is? Information about the phone 03330062254, 0333-0062254, (0333) 0062254, (0)-333-006-2254

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Type of call: Harassment call
Report by Anonym 3 days ago
called at 5-033 nobody there
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03330062254 belongs to ACS      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Michael 9 days ago
Complete scam. They wanted my bank details for washing machine insurance, but when I said no thanks they hung up. Scammers.
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03330062254 belongs to ACS      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Oscar 11 days ago
Fed up of receiving constant calls from this number. I have told them I do not want insurance for my washing machine, but they suggested the insurance I had has run out and needs renewing. I don't have insurance for my washing machine and told them not to call me again. They hung up. I imagine it is a scam.
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03330062254 belongs to ACS      Type of call: Unspecified
Report by Jenny 11 days ago
This number has been calling me daily, but when I answer there is no one there. When i did eventually speak to someone, a lady explained my washing machine insurance needed renewing. Despite telling her I have never had insurance, she insisted I had and became quite unpleasant when I told her I was not interested. If they were genuine this type of approach would not be necessary. I feel sure it is some kind of scam and will be reporting this company.
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03330062254 belongs to Allclaim Solutions      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Richard Hall 12 days ago
About my Insurance that was my company made me paid £200
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Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Ann 12 days ago
Bogus call targeting elderly
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Type of call: Possible scam
Report by DL23 19 days ago
Called me twice today first one asking to speak to my wife and second asking to speak with me. Started conversation saying it was regarding my washing machine but when I asked on both occasions who they were both calls were hung up. Definite scam material to my mind.
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03330062254 belongs to Allclaim Solutions Limited      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Jonathan 1 month ago
Complete Scam. This is a rogue company who are breaking the law. I would suggest that anyone receiving calls from Allclaim Solutions should register complaints with Ofcom, Action Fraud and the ICO. Stay well away!!!
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03330062254 belongs to Allclaim Solutions      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Bob 1 month ago
Over the last few weeks I have been receiving daily telephone calls from their number, 0333 006 2254, but when I answer the phone it is silent and then the call terminates. Becoming increasingly frustrated by these nuisance calls I decided to investigate a little further. First, when trying to call their number, it appears incoming calls are not accepted. I decided to try and find an alternative number on which to call them, which led me to Norwood House in Brighton & Hove. Having talked with the landlords of the building, they told me that the company had recently vanished owing them a substantial amount in rent. I found an alternative address on the web, Vantage Point, another commercial office building in Brighton & Hove and spoke with the landlords who also told me the company had vanished owing a substantial amount in rent. Their current Registered Office detailed at Companies House is now 16 Blatchington Road, Hove, England, BN3 3YN. I checked this address and it is the address of a national franchise of accountants called Tax Assist, a perfectly legitimate company.. I called Tax Assist who confirmed Allclaim Solutions were a customer of theirs, they simply do their books and accounting, but had no knowledge that Allclaim were using their address as a Registered Office. The Allclaim website shows an ICO (Information Commisioners Office) Registered No. Ico No ZA130731. I called the ICO and they told me that Allclaim Solutions were not registered. Last week I received a further call from Allclaims, but this time when I answered a lady introduced herself as calling from ACS and she was calling to inform me that the service contract for my Zanussi washing machine had expired. I decided to go along with this and she subsequently explained the different service contracts available. I should add, I do have a Zanussi washing machine, although I have no idea where they may have obtained that information, although I have never had a service contract. After explaining the options, the lady asked if I would like to proceed. I decided to act a little confused on the basis that I was not expecting their call and did not have any information relating to a service contract handy, so I asked the lady if she could just confirm whether her company currently provided the service contract for my washing machine, to which she replied 'yes'. Considering I have no service contract and have never had a service contract, this is quite simply dishonest and was intended to convince me that I did have a service contract that had expired and was due for renewal. The original Director of the company, Ashley Davis resigned late last year, there is now a new Director, Sean Timoney. I did some further checks on Ashley Davis and believe he has been a Director of many companies, some of which have been struck off and others from which he has resigned. My opinion is that Allclaim Solutions are a rogue outfit and are breaking the law on many levels. 1. My number is registered with the telephone preference service and therefore I should never have been receiving calls from them in the first place. 2. Their website claims they are registered with the Information Commissioners Office when in fact they are not registered. 3. Having spoken to the landlords of two previous business premises where the company had offices, both landlords have told me they are owed money in rent by Allclaims and they left the premises with no notice. 4. The regular changing of Registered Office address in the short time the company has been trading is very suspicious 5. I believe the original Director, Ashley Davis has been a director of several companies, some of which have been struck off, which gives no credibility to his capacity as a business owner. I suspect the trail of debt he was leaving behind might explain why he resigned late last year. 6. Their website relates to services in relation to Council tax banding, yet the call I received from their number was in relation to service contracts for washing machines? 7. The lady I spoke with blatantly lied to me in an attempt to convince me to renew a service contract for my washing machine.
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03330062254 belongs to 03330062254      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Anonymous 1 month ago
Called my elderly mother 3 times today who had just come out of hospital when I said she was poorly they said they would call back I said no donít call her again they got aggressive and slammed phone down. !! Donít answer to this number
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