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02031292457, who called me?

Find if the phone number 02031292457 has been reported by our users, do not stand not knowing who calls you and who owns the phone number 02031292457. Have you received a call from this number and do not know who is? Information about the phone 02031292457, 0203-1292457, (0203) 1292457, (0)-203-129-2457

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Type of call: Unspecified
Report by Anonym 6 months ago
I received a call asking if I'd been involved in a motor accident,
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02031292457 belongs to John from BT British Telecom      Type of call: Unspecified
Report by Anon 17 months ago
Telephone scam trying to get users to use their PC at home to 'fix a problem' with their internet. Presumably to attempt to steal identity information etc. Asks (foriegn accent) if your router box is blinking or not. Regardless of the answer you give it is apparently the problem which needs fixed. I had this call twice today and gave them different answers knowing it was a scam. They cut off very quickly when you mention reporting. the call to police. 2nd call today came from 01215394817
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