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02034247753, who called me?

Find if the phone number 02034247753 has been reported by our users, do not stand not knowing who calls you and who owns the phone number 02034247753. Have you received a call from this number and do not know who is? Information about the phone 02034247753, 0203-4247753, (0203) 4247753, (0)-203-424-7753

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02034247753 belongs to Marie Curie fund raising      Type of call: Missed Call
Report by a. n. other. 16 days ago
28th November 2017 Cold calling from Marie Curie fundraising. They rang twice and did not leave a message. Rang them back on 0800 716 146 and asked to have my number removed. They asked for my name but I did not give them my name (why would I want to/) and just asked them to stop ringing me.
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