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03330067350 belongs to Tax Recovery Bureau      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Linda 13 months ago
They called me and stated I was entitled to a Council Tax rebate and they would process the claim if I paid 150.00. I get lots of calls like this and realising it was a scam I hung up. Having read other posts I am pleased I had the sense not to talk to this company. These people should be ashamed. Avoid Tax Recovery Bureau, it is con.
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03330067350 belongs to Tax Recovery Bureau      Type of call: Unspecified
Report by Giles 13 months ago
Yet another Council Tax refund scam by Ashley Davis and Stuart Gibson, who were both involved with a previous company called Allclaim Solutions which has now vanished having scammed many people from their hard earned cash. Their new scam business is called Tax Recovery Bureau. They call suggesting you could be entitled to a Council Tax refund and ask for a fee to process a claim on your behalf. Absolute nonsense, it is a con, so please avoid. The Director Ashley Davis seems to think he is a entrepreneur and yet every scam company he sets up is struck off and dissolved, typically within 2 years. Ashley Davis of Tax Recovery Bureau and your sidekick Stuart Gibson, both located in the Brighton & Hove Area, are nothing more than con artists. Calls from this Company should be reported to Action Fraud, Ofcom and the ICO. Honest and trustworthy people are fed up of your scams Ashley Davis, the best place for you is behind bars and that time could soon be upon you.
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03330067350 belongs to Tax Recovery Bureau      Type of call: Possible scam
Report by Enforcer 14 months ago
This number belongs to Tax Recovery Bureau, a company claiming to offer assistance for those who may be in the wrong Council Tax band. The fact is, its a complete scam. They have no knowledge of whether your property is in the wrong band, but will claim you could be entitled to a Council Tax rebate, for which you will need to pay a fee. Anyone wishing to check their Council Tax band can call their local Council and find our for themselves. The Director, Stuart Gibson was associated with another company, Allclaim Solutions, who were offering exactly the same service and this company has received many complaints and numerous bad reviews. Not surprisingly, Allclaim Solutions have now vanished, their website seems to have disappeared and the company have submitted an application to Companies House to be struck off. These rogues target the elderly and vulnerable, attempting to obtain their bank details for a service which is a complete scam and then hide when customers request their money is refunded. These rogues are not only scammers but complete cowards. Avoid Tax Recovery Bureau and its Director Stuart Gibson of Brighton at all costs.
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